26 Aug

Too Authentic? ‘NBA 2K16’ Features Some Unfortunate Jerseys

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With ‘NBA 2K16’ much has been made about roping in Spike Lee to affect the game’s presentation and the entire “Be the Story” concept, but today’s footage goes in another direction. ‘NBA 2K’ has some of the best looking visuals around, especially within the sports genre. Today, fans can watch a photobombed halftime interview, a rolling on the court celebration, a NO court lightshow, mouth guard chewing, and even things that happen during the running clock of the game.

These are the growing hallmarks of the series, but sadly, the visuals are not without their warts. No, it’s the uncanny valley that’s the issue, it’s the new jerseys. The Clippers, the Timberwolves, and the Hawks (why?) have new threads on display. (On the plus side, the Raptors are looking better.)

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Fashion is a huge part of basketball. We always see players show up to games and press conferences dressed up in strange outfits that oddly work for whomever is wearing them. From Russell Westbrook’s patterned shirts that look like your grandma’s kitchen wallpaper to the hats that James Harden and Carmelo Anthony wear, NBA fashion is unique, to say the least.

But just as fashion and basketball go hand-in-hand, basketball fashion is something that has changed over the years on the court and continues to be a feature that fans actively watch change. Not everyone in the history of the NBA has gone through radical uniform changes, but there have been plenty of gimmicky moves made by clubs that have changed the way a team looks on the court.

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Teams like Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago have largely remained the same over the years, while franchises like Atlanta, Denver and Phoenix have gone through dramatic changes that have alternated logo placement, color schemes and sometimes been offensive to every human sense we have.

But, when done right, a uniform can be more than just what you wear on the court — it can define an era in your franchise’s history.

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Throughout the history of basketball, there have been teams who have rocked iconic looks at certain points in their history. In this post we look back at the best of the best to determine which uniforms are the greatest of all-time.